To support those customers affected by the devastating floods that swept across Queensland and New South Wales over the last few weeks, Davey is offering a Flood Relief Manufacturers Cashback* to help with recovery efforts, in the flood stricken areas*.

Davey is offering $100 Cashback* across selected models of: Microlene UV, Davey Firefighter, Home Pressure Systems and Pool Pumps as listed below.

This offer is available for eligible Davey products*, purchased in New South Wales and Queensland between 15 March – 30 June 2022. 

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To claim your $100 Manufacturers Cashback, simply purchase an eligible product/s from Davey Dealers in New South Wales and Queensland, and register your details and proof of purchase below.

*Terms and Conditions

Offer only available to selected Davey products purchased between 15 March – 15 June 2022. These include 48501, 48503, 095D1, 095S1, 095S1T, 125D1, 125S1, 125S1T, 165D1, 165S1, 165S1T, 5155H, 5165H, 5255H, 5265H, 5165HE, 5265HE, DD60-10, DD90-11, HM160-15T, HM160-19T, HM60-06T, HM60-08T, HM60-10T, HM90-08T, HM90-11T, HM90-13T, HP45-05T, HP65-06T, HP85-08T, HS50-06T, HS60-08T, XJ50T, XJ70T, XJ90T, PM200, PM200BT, PM250, PM350, PM200BT, PM400BT, PM450, PMECO, KMCS, KMCS-TK, KUV24, KUV57, KUV80, KUV151A.

These products must be purchased from Dealers in flood affected areas – whole states NSW and QLD.

Once all registrations have been qualified, Davey will send an electronic gift card to the nominated email address.