Rainbank Cabinet Mounted

RainBank is an automatically controlled rainwater harvesting system for supplying water for toilet and laundry applications and can save up to 40% of a household's mains water use, helping to conserve water.

A RainBank system automatically selects the water source with rainwater given priority over mains supply. Mains water is supplied when the tank is empty or in the event of a power outage.

Cabinet mounted RainBank is a pre-packaged solution, designed for tamper resistance and security in a modern home.

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RainBank automatically switches between rainwater and mains water supply; all within a single lockable cabinet for security.

Models in the cabinet range:

  • RBCABS1/20 - for use with submersible pump model D42A/B, flow rate of 40 lpm at 200kPa
  • RBCABS2/20 - for use with submersible pump model D53A/B, flow rate of 46 lpm at 200kPa
  • KRBCAB1F - for use with pump model HP45-05, flow rate of 40 lpm at 200kPA and side entry float switch

RainBank is available with a wide range of home pressure systems including floatless options for flooded suction applications. Systems to suit submersible pumps are also available, and RainBank Pro for commercial applications.

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.