EcoSpa Salt Water Brominator

EcoSpa is a sanitiser for your spa. By installing an EcoSpa, you are converting your spa into a salt water system.

EcoSpa converts your spa pool to a salt water system by generating bromine gas in conjunction with pool salt to efficiently and effectively kill harmful bacteria and contaminants in higher temperature applications, and ensure stability and lasting service in higher water temperatures.

Designed for use in 2000-3000 litre spa pools, inground or portable spa's, the Davey EcoSpa comes with features that ensure that constant clean and clear water is produced.

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

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The Davey EcoSpa is supplied with a Davey controller, flow sensor, self-cleaning cell, bromine activator and ORP probe.

With an easy to read display, the unit is set using a dial that displays when the unit is operating and will also advise when the salt level is low. When powered by a spa controller the unit will operate when the controller is programmed to run.

What is ORP? - ORP refers to Oxidation Reduction Potential. The ORP probe supplied with EcoSpa monitors the sanitiser level in the water and automatically adjusts the bromine gas output to maintain at the level it has been set to.

When should Bromine be added? It is only necessary to add bromine when your spa pool is filled along with the correct concentration of salt for your spa pool. Bromine activator is available through our Davey dealer network.