A bore can help you unlock water sources beneath the surface, so you don’t have to rely on surface streams or rainwater – both of which can be unpredictable in Australia. But a bore is only as reliable as the pump you use, which is why the new range of Davey borehole pumps is designed with dependability in mind.

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Davey’s new range of 4” borehole pumps and motors are corrosion and abrasion resistant and designed for domestic water supply, turf watering, irrigation, stock watering, dewatering or fountains. 
These proven and reliable products are ready for the harshest conditions, ensuring optimal performance in all situations – including the sandiest bores. 
The new range includes an impressive sand handling capability of up to 300g/m3 - which is double the capacity of the current Davey range.. 
With an extensive range of 44 pumps offering flow rates from 2m3 to 12m3 per hour, there is a Davey 4” bore pump to suit every application. 

Features include:

  • Models in single and three phase power configurations
  • Flow rates up to 12m3/hr 
  • Heads up to 235m
  • Sand clearance up to 300g/m3
  • High quality, durable techno polymer floating impeller
  • Stainless-steel hexagonal section drive shaft and heavy duty stainless-steel outer casing shell 
  • Quality shaft bearings provide low friction and high wear resistance.
  • Improved energy efficiency

There are a large number individual models available around the world, please contact Davey directly, or search for a Dealer or Distributor to get assistance with choosing the most suitable borehole product for your needs.

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

The Davey 4" Borehole Pumps and Motors series is a corrosion and abrasion resistant product designed for domestic water supply, turf watering, irrigation, stock watering, dewatering or fountains. A proven and reliable product, ready for harsh conditions, the specific impeller material ensures optimal performance in sandy bores.

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