SumpMaster Dual Pump Controller

Suitable for a broad range of submersible sump pumps, the SumpMaster controller can control one or two pumps with varying flow demand to empty or fill a sump or a tank.

With multiple selectable functionality and full alarm and BMS interface capability, the SumpMaster Controllers are ideal.

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Key features include:

  • Control of one or two pumps via float switches with standard options to control via probes or pressure switches.
  • Features programmable English menus, with security access code protection to enable quick and easy parameter adjustment to suit individual site conditions.
  • System can be set to turn on all pumps in the event of a high level alarm or if the normal on/off floats are compromised in some way.
  • pumps can be operated in manual mode for system commissioning and fault finding.

There are a large number individual models available with various options for different Davey sump pumps, please contact Davey directly, or search for a Dealer or Distributor to get assistance with choosing the most suitable model for your needs.

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.