At the heart of Davey Innovation is the Customer

Davey is one of the few Australian businesses to have invested in establishing and nurturing an innovation ecosystem comprised of our Product Nucleus Hub and strategic partnerships with tech, research and design companies around the world.

Our product development process has customer insights, rapid experimentation and ongoing iteration at its core to ensure that great ideas end up in the hands of our customers quickly, changing their world for the better.

Innovations at Davey over the past three years have focused on connectivity and IoT, accessibility and control, leveraging big data and ... importantly ... ease of use.

Examples include:

  • TankSense - our water-level monitor and app which ensures those on tank water will never run out again
  • ChloroMatic Nipper - a simple-to-use, clever and compact chlorinator which uses Davey’s intelligent controls to keep pool waters swim-ready, all year long
  • Monsoon IQ - a booster system using variable speed drives on Davey Pumps to control and cascade supply to match changing water demands, connected to the cloud to enable monitoring and management from anywhere 
  • Remote Start Firefighter - a firefighter pump with a number of options for starting and stopping; manually, remotely via SMS or automatically
  • ProMaster Variable Speed Pool Pump - a pump with app control via Bluetooth offering water-cooled, super-quiet operation with high efficiency - up to 70% lower energy use than a traditional fixed speed 1hp pump
Innovation is a key pillar underpinning the focus on customer driven solutions to enhance peoples lives with water. Joel Gresham, GM Innovation

In 2018 Davey was listed by Collective Campus as a Top 20 Innovative Company and No.9 of Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most innovative Companies.