ACQUA by Davey in dairy industry research spotlight

Main Use:
Safe Dam Feed Water

Davey Product:

Media filtration
Ion exchange

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

Ellinbank, West Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

As part of a capital upgrade program to water supply, that included addressing water quality issues such as micro-organisms, sediment and iron, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Ellinbank, home to Agriculture Victoria’s Ellinbank SmartFarm in West Gippsland, Victoria have tapped into Davey’s latest water treatment technology.

Agriculture Victoria, who have been undertaking research at the Ellinbank site since the 1950’s, have recently commissioned a Davey water treatment system that includes two separate UV systems, two separate rainwater tanks for human consumption, along with a Davey pump set on the dam. This water treatment system is managed by a Halo* Cloud based operating system.

“We’ve not taken a whole farm approach in a research facility setting before,” says Andrew Rathjen, BDM Water Treatment Solutions at ACQUA by Davey. “It’s so publicly accessible and having industry involvement in the project has been a really positive thing. The purpose of the system is to help improve animal health and efficiency and provide stable water quality for the whole farm by removing environmental factors and variation in water quality. So far it’s delivering good results – we can take clients along to show them how it all works and what our capabilities are.”

“Throughout the implementation process we worked with a lot of different stakeholders to address their requirements. The water treatment improvement is definitely the star of the upgrade and it’s great to see that Agriculture Victoria are supporting a local manufacturer and local innovation in this way,” says Andrew.


The Acqua by Davey Solution previously known as Microlene Farm is designed on the principles of animal health, easy to maintain, easy to use and easy to understand. The system uses a combination of proven technologies often used by water authorities to deliver clean water for the farm. This includes coagulation, media filtration, Kinetico Ion exchange and chemical disinfection.

The system is treating dam fed water from ferresol soil, it is designed to treat 135,000 litres per day.

Key site issues addressed are microorganisms (like algae), turbidity and iron and running on 240/480v power.

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