Cheers to great WATER QUALITY

Davey raises the bar for water quality in the brewery industry

Main Use:
Mains Water Quality Variation Protection

Davey Product:
Microlene Max Filtration

Mountain Goat Brewery

Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Mountain Goat Brewery is a classic Australian story of two mates that made an icon. The Melbourne based microbrewery has been making superb beer since 1997 and has steadily grown over that time. The business, based in Richmond in the very heart of Melbourne, has faced many challenges but has remain committed to excellence and its customers over time.

Although the water in Melbourne is some of the best in the world, one of the challenges they face is their location. The construction works and ageing infrastructure around Melbourne Water Mains means that debris and iron often find there way into the town water supply. This has the ability to affect the taste of the beer.

The brewery was already very aware of this problem and had previously had a series of 20” filter cartridges to solve this problem. However, using 10,000 litres of water every day meant that the flow rates were small, which caused brewers to have lengthy delays in process and there was also the common need to change the filters frequently.


We consulted with Ian Morgan to understand their frustrations and combined with water quality tests, designed a simple skid to solve their problems. The solution consisted of a dual Microlene Max Cartridge system. The cartridge from this system has a volume that is 8 times greater than standard 20” Jumbo filters. The solution is designed for higher flow, with gauges for monitoring and sampling points for quality assurance measures.

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