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Main Use: 
Fire sets for commercial premises, especially warehouses

Davey Product:
Davey ISOspec CF pumps and Davey VM vertical multistage pumps

Hass Pumps

Corio, Victoria Australia

Warehouse boom sparking fire pump set sales

The rise and rise of online shopping is having interesting spin-off effects for some seemingly unrelated businesses, such as Davey Water Products, which is seeing a surprising boost to its fire pump sales.

In recent years the brand’s fire systems product profile has grown significantly, in part due to an increase in the number of large-scale warehouses being built around the country as online retailers ramp up their Aussie stockpiles. They are also used in irrigation manufacturing, industrial food and beverage and large-scale water systems.

Each one of those warehouses has to comply with strict and complex fire management regulations, and to do that they all need at least one fire pump set.

Davey supplies fire pumps direct to end business users, but it also supplies component pumps to commercial manufacturers like Hass Pumps in Victoria, and it is companies like these which are benefiting most from the warehouse boom, according to Briar Houston, State Manager for Victoria from Davey.

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Jason uses about 20 different Davey pump models in his products, depending on the job specification, mostly from the CF ISOspec and VM ranges. The CF range, adaptable for electric or diesel use, is an ISOspec range of bareshaft pumps designed for easy pump maintenance and removal of rotating components. The VM range is a hard-working, efficient and high-quality range of electric motor driven pumps. The pumps are tested regularly and the whole system is serviced annually. A fire pump system has a life expectancy of 20-30 years.

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"We looked to Davey because we knew it was a reputable brand, and because Davey knows fire products. Davey is right here in Melbourne, the sales reps were fantastic and we have an easy working relationship with them, with no issues with the Davey product to this day, What Davey offers is reliability of supply, easy operation, quality materials and products that are designed to be easy to work on when maintenance or servicing is required.” 

Jason Hassett |