Game Changer for a Dairy Farm

MONSOON IQ - Efficiency and Ease

Main Use:
Pasture Irrigation

Davey Product:
Monsoon IQ intelligent pump system with 7.5kW ISO CM 80x65-160 pump

Rex Tout - RM Tout Dairy

Loomberah, NSW, Australia

The Monsoon IQ has been an efficiency game changer for Rex Tout, a fifth-generation dairy farmer on the outskirts of Tamworth, NSW. It has made his irrigation system more efficient, easier to use and has not only provided this solo farmer the flexibility of remote monitoring and secure data collection, but the peace of mind that Davey can access the system’s performance and make adjustments through the cloud. 

Rex has a herd of 150 milking cows, and around 100 heifers. The Tamworth region is prime agricultural land, with an average annual rainfall of 600-700ml. It can experience extreme temperatures in winter and summer, however over the past few years conditions have been very favourable. Rex has a license to draw water from two sources - a well on the property and the Peel River which the farm backs onto. 

Download the Monsoon IQ Information sheet

Rex says there has been a lot of data collection which has produced several efficiencies in the system.  

“I certainly knew there were aspects of the irrigation system that weren’t up to scratch and I thought being involved in the project might be able to highlight some of them for me, and give me ideas of ways to improve, and that’s certainly been the case.” 

Rex Tout
RM Tout Dairy