Intelligence for Golf Courses

MONSOON IQ - Safer & more efficient

Main Use:
Golf Course Irrigation

Davey Product:
Monsoon IQ intelligent pump system with 2 x 18kW duty VSD 2.4kW jockey VSD

Tirhatuan Lakes Public Golf Course

Rowville, Victoria, Australia

Davey’s intelligent pump controller, the Monsoon IQ, has given Michael Elijah, Superintendent at Tirhatuan Lakes Public Golf Course an intimate understanding of how his irrigation system is behaving, making it safer, more efficient and protecting his pumps from unnecessary wear and tear. 

The course sits on a relatively flat 50-hectare site, backing onto the Dandenong Creek and flood plains. It is prone to flooding and can be extremely wet in winter and very dry in summer. Approximately 70% of the course is covered in irrigation.  

In the five years prior to Monsoon IQ installation, the pump pulling water from the creek hadn’t been working at capacity so the course has experienced drought. Another concern to superintendents was not knowing if the irrigation system had shut down properly overnight – which sometimes led to overwatering and waste. 

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Michael says he is most impressed with the detailed monitoring and one of the key benefits with the new system is the safety precautions which are in place for his pumps.  

“It’s looking after my pumps a lot more and making them run more efficiently than what it would have been in the past, it separates the pumps and uses them in the correct order so they all get used the same amount, so I’m no longer worried about one pump getting worn out first, so far that’s been a big thing - looking after them.” 

Michael Elijah
Tirhatuan Lakes Public Golf Course Superintendent