Pool Patrol – Think Water Swan Hill

Published on 10 August 2021

When Mark Fletcher saw an opportunity to diversify his business, he went for it. There was a gap in the market in Swan Hill for Mobile Pool Maintenance.

Mark was the only staff member when he purchased Waterplan in 2001, the business has evolved over the past 20 years, expanding to a team of 12 staff and branding as Think Water Swan Hill in 2007 as a foundation member.

Think Water Swan Hill aren’t afraid to try something different; “No two days are ever the same, we deal with different people every day” says Mark. 

So, when the local radio station pitched an idea at him to launch a Mobile Pool Van offering onsite, servicing, maintenance and chemical testing and call it the “Pool Patrol” (a play on a popular kids TV shows featuring canines that come to the rescue of the local community) despite have a laugh initially, Mark saw the opportunity.

“We always did pool and spa chemicals in the shop but noticed that no one around town does any mobile maintenance. The idea was born out of the shop. People wanted to know if we would offer this service, so we thought that we would give it a crack”. 

Mark told us that the local pool builders are busy. “They have up to 12 months’ worth of work lined up, more pools are going in, and none are coming out”. So, the Pool Patrol Van was born. 

Mark invested in the assets required and advertised for the role. Jack Fletcher threw his hat in the ring; he was working with a grain business but spent a lot of time travelling and wanted the opportunity to stay local. Jack knew nothing about pool chemistry and pool products when he started with the business 1 ½ years ago but has very quickly learned via the team instore and support from Davey. Think Water Swan Hill decided that Davey was the logical partner.

“We have always been Davey partners and Master Dealers. Dealing with Davey we know that we can back up the product and Davey back us up”.

Think Water Swan Hill are looking forward to the upcoming pool season where they plan to recruit additional staff to the irrigation side so that they can increase their focus and reach in the pool space; so, they can improve on scheduling and staff resourcing and even extend their reach out into surrounding towns.

So, next time you’re in Swan Hill, keep an eye out for Jack in the “Pool Patrol” Van and give him a toot!