What is clean water anyway?

Published on 23 April 2020

It’s clear as crystal, odourless and has no surprising tastes – but does that mean it’s clean? The answer is: maybe.

That’s partly because you can’t always see, smell or taste contaminants in water, from tiny organisms to microplastics, so there’s no simple way to be sure your water is clean.

Beyond that, it turns out there is no single definition of clean water. What counts as clean depends very much on the usage.

As an example, the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines detail everything from acceptable amounts of various chemicals to the ‘aesthetics’ of water for human consumption. Across the ditch, New Zealand has its own drinking water standards.

In other sectors there are different rules and regulations.

In the medical field, water is an essential part of the process of sterilising equipment for re-use. Considerations in that instance include ensuring water quality reduces corrosion and scale; reduces endotoxins; decreases staining of instruments; and of course reduces risk of micro-organism growth.

Look to the agriculture sector and the requirements change again, including pathogen elimination and improved uptake of dosed minerals by livestock.


The right kind of clean

At Davey we have an entire team focussed on water innovation, and one of our first projects led us to set up Acqua by Davey. Acqua by Davey is a specialised business unit dedicated entirely to helping customers get the exact water quality they need, whether they’re trying to meet production goals or legal requirements.

It’s all about coming up with the right package of products for commercial customers to be able to meet their water treatment needs and the issues specific to their operation. Our experts design and install the solution they come up with, using Davey’s range of products including Microlene filtration.

One of our recent projects was to develop a system for a dietary supplement manufacturer in New Zealand. This customer has to meet very strict regulatory requirements. Their goal was to ensure their water met water standards outlined in the British Pharmacopeia, which publishes quality standards for UK medicinal substances.

Our solution included a compact turnkey water treatment system on a stainless-steel skid. We used technologies and equipment such as activated carbon filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and UV disinfection while monitoring the produced water quality online.

Do you need clean – really clean – water?

Find out more about Acqua by Davey to see if our specialised water treatment solutions could support your business. 

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