ProMatic Lifeguard

The ProMatic Lifeguard is a complete pool chlorination and chemistry control system. WiFi enabled with a fully integrated app, the ProMatic Lifeguard allows for remote monitoring and control of the pool and offers the flexibility of salt or mineral chlorination. 

The ProMatic Lifeguard utilises; pH sensor and acid dosing, ORP control, temperature & salt measurements, for effortless pool balancing. Includes low salt cut-out to protect the cell and boost mode for additional chlorination during heavy bather load periods. 

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With a range of models available, the ProMatic Lifeguard is ideal for residential swimming pools up to 125m3. Key features include:

  • WiFi enabled with fully integrated app 
  • pH sensor and acid dosing, ORP control, temperature and salt measurement for effortless pool balancing
  • ORP control to prevent over chlorination when pool cover is used
  • Next generation high performance reverse polarity in-line cell with integrated safety flow switch
  • Low salt cut off to protect the cell
  • Boost mode for additional chlorination during periods of heavy bather loads
  • Comprehensive multilingual user-friendly LCD interface
  • Operating Salt Level: 3,000 – 6,000ppm

Please refer to the documentation for all features and technical specifications.

State-of-the-art remote monitoring of your pool system right at your fingertips, with an intuitive app on your smartphone or tablet.

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