Heartland Helpers

Published on 30 January 2020

Bushfire and Drought Relief 2020

Australians are battling through the harshest bushfire and drought conditions our country has ever seen with hundreds of properties and towns already destroyed and facilities needing to be rebuilt and restored.

And it is not over yet.

Many of our staff and customers have experienced firsthand the impact of this bushfire and drought crisis and were also involved directly in the firefighting effort.

Finding the right way to support communities is often hard, so here at Davey Water Products we have decided to support these communities and businesses with our specialised water products. Helping to provide clean water solutions and pumping options is where we can truly make a difference by pledging up to $125,000 RRP of Davey product.

These products will be distributed to nominated properties and local communities in bushfire and drought affected areas that have been severely impacted by both these natural disasters, and are in serious need of water pumping/transfer equipment.

Every little bit helps during this tough time, and we hope these essential, but sometimes overlooked products will go a long way in rebuilding and restoring impacted communities and businesses.