Microlene Water Coolers

To deliver healthy drinking water to homes, businesses, healthcare, education and other facilities, Davey sells and rents a range of water cooler systems - freestanding or benchtop, with the option of bottle top or plumbed in.

Every water cooler unit comes with a deluxe Microlene module offering better tasting, safer drinking water by not only removing chlorine, sediment, tastes and odours, but also cysts like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The bacteriostatic media ensures no bacteria growth in the filter and means the purifier module lasts for years, making the Microlene range very cost effective.

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Our mobile team services and installs our complete range of products NZ-wide, and also delivers and changes cartridges for a range of other systems. All water cooler products have 12 months warranty.

Water coolers in the range:

  • Fountain: cold water configuration with drinking spout or glass filler
  • Bottle top: benchtop or freestanding with various cool/cold/hot configurations
  • Plumbed in benchtop or freestanding with various cool/cold/hot configurations
  • Underbench chiller: for use with drinking fountains, filters, bubblers or glass fillers

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.