Mukmova Effluent Pumps

For effective and efficient movement of waste, you can't go past the Mukmova and its big brother, Jumbo Mukmova. Ideal for pumping effluent water, or water containing soft solids in suspension - including dairy or piggery waste - the Mukmova pump is robust!

Featuring single stage, open vane, semi vortex, self-priming centrifugal driven single or three stage TEFC motor, and a thick sectioned cast iron pump body.

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Mukmova effluent pumps have flow rates of up to 600 lpm, and big brother, the Jumbo Mukmova with flow rates of up to 800 lpm, the fast self-priming pump is a good choice for your farming needs.

Models in the range:

  • 25301 - Mukmova; max. flow 600 lpm, single phase
  • 25303 - Mukmova; max. flow 600 lpm, three phase
  • MM09/3 - Jumbo Mukmova; max. flow 800 lpm, three phase

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.