Partnering with trusted Australian brands

Published on 1 February 2022

Bushfire season is again upon us, and what a better way to protect your family and property with TTi fire fighting unit.

The Davey Firefighter, is TTi’s supplier of choice when it comes to fitting their slip-on & skid mounted fire fighting units with a transfer pump. TTi’s poly tanks are backed by a 20 year warranty, and with Davey reliability you have known to trust, there really is no better protection for you or your property.

TTi’s slip-on and trailed fire fighting units are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia. Their versatility, reliability and ease of operation are why they are such a well respected fire fighting unit. 

Check it out for yourself

With TTi’s local production in Nathalia, and Davey’s production in Scoresby Victoria, you can rest assured you are supporting locally manufactured, robust and reliable products - that just work when you need them to.

“I can say that the 1000L TTi slip on units are fantastic, and that the two we bought this year were instrumental in saving our farms and a neighbour’s house in the Yeppoon / Cobraball bushfires. When I ordered our second unit I considered it as cheap insurance!”

David Groves, Fire Brigade Member