BT Series Mains Boosting Pump with Torrium2

Primarily used for mains boosting applications, the BT series centrifugal pump with Torrium2 controller provides constant flow with loss of prime protection and auto-retry technology.

It also has adaptive cut-in pressure with simplified fault finding built-in and a robust, compact, stainless-steel design.

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Ideal for pumping clean, clear water in home where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate or regularly interrupted, from underground or surface water supplies, automatic water transfer, or domestic and light industrial irrigation.

Due to large water pathways, the intelligent Torrium2 controller operates with lower head loss than comparable controllers, providing superior hydraulic performance with less wasted energy.

Models in the range:

  • BT14-30 - max. flow of 14 gal/min, and 30 psi pressure
  • BT14-45 - max. flow of 14 gal/min, and 45 psi pressure
  • BT20-30 - max. flow of 20 gal/min, and 30 psi pressure
  • BT20-40 - max. flow of 20 gal/min, and 40 psi pressure
  • BT30-30 - max. flow of 30 gal/min, and 30 psi pressure

Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.