For the Office or the Holiday Home

Microlene - Providing great tasting drinking water

Main Use:
Drinking water that tastes great

Davey Product:
Microlene Under Bench Drinking Water System

Caribbean Business Park

Scoresby, Victoria, Australia

Property Manager for Caribbean Park in Melbourne, Ilias Varas, is a Davey Microlene fan. He uses the Microlene Under Bench drinking water treatment system both at his company offices in Scoresby and in the family holiday home – illustrating the applicability of this product across a range of water woes. 

As a property manager, Ilias is involved in office fitouts and maintenance for commercial tenants, so he sees a range of drinking water treatment options installed depending on what clients specify – some of which carry a high price tag and plenty of technical complexity. 

“Davey provided me with an under bench filtration system which has been working brilliantly.”

“It was easy - we had our plumber install the system and, when the filters need replacing you can tell as the supply becomes restricted.” 

Ilias Varas
Caribbean Park Property Manager