Holy Water Treatment!

Aquashield MAX System - in the Abbey

Main Use:
Safe drinking water

Davey Product:
Microlene UV System, Aquashield MAX Aquashield Centurion

Tarrawarra Abbey

Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

Tarrawarra Abbey, a monastery of Cistercians Monks and commercial farm in the Yarra Valley, relies on the expertise of Davey Master Dealer Sprinklerfix for their pumping and filtration requirements. 

“The Aquashield Max is a plug and play filtration system, so instead of building something on the wall and having to do a hybrid, you buy it off the shelf as a complete unit – plug water in one end and filtered water comes out the other – you get water, pressure, filtration and UV, all built into one and it’s aesthetically pleasing.” Danny from Sprinklerfix says. 

Tony Snell, Property Manager at Tarrawarra says he was happy to upgrade from their old system.  

“We wanted to utilise our rainwater service and use rainwater wherever possible,” he says. “The quality of our water is far greater now, and because we’re using it in our boilers and other kitchen equipment it’s going to ensure a longer service life.” 

Tony Snell
Tarrawarra Property Manager