Pure Water for Health Industry

Acqua by Davey - Specialised water solutions, made simple

Main Use:
Safe drinking water

Davey Product:
Microlene Max Green Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter, Reverse Osmosis Unit

New Zealand Health Manufacturing

Auckland, New Zealand

Davey trusted to provide pure water for health industry.

New Zealand Health Manufacturing (NZHM) are a New Zealand Dietary Supplement Manufacturer, specialising in the manufacturing and packaging of softgel, hardshell, tablet and powdered health products. They produce around 20 million soft gel capsules per month for the GO Healthy brand. The soft gel capsules are processed via a strictly enforced Medsafe audited GMP Process which includes testing in independent New Zealand laboratories to the highest internationally recognised standards. 

The business has expanded with a new manufacturing plant being established which, by the end of March will be running at full capacity and is set to see production staff numbers increase from 160 to 200. 

“We went straight to Davey as what we’ve experienced with them has been really good, both the business relationship and product quality as well. So we were really happy to put the order in for the Max RO.”

JD Zinzuvadiya
Maintenance Engineer for NZHM.