A Smart Vineyard

MONSOON IQ – Vineyard Management

Main Use:
Vineyard Irrigation

Davey Product:
Monsoon IQ intelligent pump system

De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley Estate

Dixons Creek, Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia

Irrigation management is a critical element of vineyard operation, and getting it right can mean the difference between a fine drop and a ruined crop. Davey’s Monsoon IQ intelligent pumpset makes it simple to precisely match water needs to specific areas of the vineyard. And more than that, it also offers remote monitoring so you can check flow and pressure and quickly detect faults – no more lost irrigation days because no one realised there was a burst pipe or loss of pressure. 

The cloud-based monitoring system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Pumps can be remotely started and stopped, providing excellent flexibility to adjust watering to protect precious vines on very hot days, even if you’re not on site. 

The system is compatible with a range of units, including vertical multistage and centrifugal pumps. Each system is tailored to the specific needs of the vineyard, collecting information via sensors and flow meters. 

Download the MonsoonIQ Information sheet

"Part of our choice of using a Davey product is that they are a local company and they provide that backup and service that we all hope for. It only takes a couple of days of 38 plus degrees here in the Yarra Valley and vines will stress and the quality of the wine will suffer in that short a period. It’s invaluable knowing we have people on hand that can come out and fix a problem if we have one, and then we can get going again and make good wine.” 

Rob Sutherland, De Bortoli Wines Yarra Valley Estate