Aussie legend returns – The Davey Firefighter

Published on 12 March 2021

As a product designed and developed on the driest continent on earth, Davey’s Firefighter pump has been the backbone of the business since the 1970s, becoming a household name in Australia and other parts of the world with good cause.

It not only protects lives and livelihoods, it provides peace of mind and, many decades on, continues to deliver on Davey’s promise of dependability.

As is the way in business, economics and logic have seen more and more local production move offshore over the years – no more so than in the pump industry.  That said, Davey’s legendary Firefighter pumps had been assembled on Aussie soil until late 2019 when Davey’s locally-based supplier made a decision to move production to their Thailand facility – just minutes down the road from the Honda factory where the engine for the Davey Firefighter is produced. 

With all the key components of the product being manufactured in Thailand – and needing to be assembled on the Honda motor – the move seemed logical and economical for Davey.

But, a number of months in and following a harrowing bushfire season in Australia in late 2019/early 2020, Davey found the supply chain had become cumbersome and unable to respond quickly enough to the demand from customers – and this was only made worse by global COVID-related restrictions and delays.

“We need to be highly responsive with this product and the supply chain wasn’t working,” says Davey CEO David Worley.  “After all when Firefighter products are needed they are needed urgently.”

“Bringing this line back to production at Davey’s factory in Melbourne is consistent with our overall strategy to be highly responsive to local customer needs. We export our Firefighter all over the world, but our Australian market is by far the largest and we want to support it better than anyone else in the industry does.” 

The Davey Firefighter line is targeted to be operational at Scoresby, Melbourne within the next month and will employ an additional five people fulltime.