Proudly Australian Flashback

Published on 13 January 2021

Still innovating. Still iconic. Still Australian.

In 1934, Frank Davey opened an auto-electrical repairs business, in a small shop in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. He visited the Vic Market everyday - offering a same morning repair service to the country vegetable growers and buyers.

By 1949, Frank Davey had expanded his successful business. The first ever Davey pressure pump was made in Australia.

Follow our Flashback Friday stories below, as we take a trip through history to bring us to Davey today, a brand that’s been built on Aussie dependability.

Click on the markers in the timeline below to take a journey through our history as we trawl through the archives at Davey.

Still innovating.

Still iconic.

Still Australian.

Davey Master Dealer – Early 60s

O.F. Gamble, a Davey Master Dealer or “Manufacturers Representatives” in the 1960’s. Did you know that today Davey have over 200 Master Dealers around Australia? Check them out here to find your nearest Davey Dealer. 

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Davey Huntingdale manufacturing plant – Early 60s

Here is the Davey household pressure system assembly line in the Davey Huntingdale manufacturing plant around late 1960, where precision was key. Today, this is still just as important.

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Pump Delivery – Early 60s

Remember when the milkman delivered the milk, and the baker delivered the bread? 
Well it turns out, the pump guy delivered pumps too! 
Pictured here, a trusty Davey pump guy, home delivering pumps in the 60s in Melbourne. 
Not much has changed, we're still delivering pumps where you need them most!

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Davey Team – Late 60s

Check out Victorian Sales Manager Geoff Day in the late 60s early 70s.... standing proud next to the Davey Prime Jet at Elmore Field Days. Our team is still standing proud. 

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Prime Flow Pump – Early 70s

Graham Denton – GM Davey in the early 1970’s at Elmore Field Day in Victoria demonstrating a Prime Flow pump - which at the time retailed from $77!!! Today’s equivalent is the DynaFlo.

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Davey Products – Early 80s

Who would’ve thought, that products made in the 1980’s would still be around in 2020. There’s something to say about bringing "city convenience to country living". Pumps featured here are still going strong and Davey still makes them today. 

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Export Manager for Davey – 80s

Bryon Winn, Export Manager for Davey checking out the extensive range of pumps on display in the 1980s in the Middle East. Who even knew that Davey has been servicing the Middle East for over 53 years! Amazed that this iconic Australian brand can still be found around the world.

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Davey Firefighter – 90s

Testing, testing and re-testing. Pictured is a Davey pump technician in the pump shed at the Huntingdale, Victoria manufacturing plant in the 90s. He’s testing the first 93 Series Firefighter - note the instructions on the wall. 

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Davey Colour - 60s

The 1960’s have often been dubbed “the best decade of all time” and this Davey salesman seems fairly content amongst the “hammer tone blue” painted pumps of the day – The iconic Davey yellow was rolled out in 1980’s and it’s been that colour ever since.

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Davey Water Softeners - 70s

Who would’ve thought water softeners were a thing in 1970? A time when fashion was snappy and it covered a bit more than the good old 60’s attire for ladies.

Today we have expanded into an entire range of “whole of house” water treatment products, known as our Microlene brand.